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“Assists Traditional Businesses
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Many traditional business are dealing with difficulties in selling products, Costly shop rental, As well as hiring the right people to manage the business. The results weren’t as good as you expected. The reason behind all this problem are that the traditional business couldn’t find a way to gather and connect with the consumers.

With the current competitive marketplace and rise of the e-commerce world, everything has become transparent. Challenges on the e-commerce industry isn’t all about creating the best product, yet it has transform the marketplace to an eco-system for businesses to expand their exposure.

At Dinasou Group, we provide effiecient e-commerce infrastructure system and business model. We offer affordable prices to businesses to shift their business to online. We believe helping traditional businesses to solve difficulties, to become innovating and to experience their success could inspire us to further our mission.

The ideology behind Dinasou Group is to channel through the consumer on the internet and connecting (O2O) online and offline customers. Producing the corporation and customers into transactional ease, convenience shopping experience and hassle free on hard selling. With these ideologies, Managing a company has turn into a critical importance of how to lead a business nowadays. Shift your view and leverage technology to improve your business with efficiency, higher demand, increasing service value and connecting more customers.

What is

We are Dinasou Group SDN BHD, a company incorporated in Malaysia under the registration number 1138683-T and our business address is No. 9, Jln YTN 3, Industri Desa Aman, 52200 Kepong, Selangor. Tel Nos: 603-2106 9996

Dinasou Online Supermart launched officially on 16th August 2015. We are a group of 13 partners who have worked to build this e-commerce platform for nearly two years, since December 2013. Mr Lee Kong How is the founder of We aim for Dinasou to sell mainly grocery items. However, we also have a section for Merchants to sell their products, called Dinasou Brand Street. We build our platform on the loyalty of the thousands of our members. Our members become referrals by asking their friends to join Dinasou. This will increase our fanbase, and ultimately grow the Merchant’s fanbase as well. aims to aid Merchants in growing their business online. We have developed a business model and the marketing tools that can do this for Merchants, known as Dinasou Super Console (DSC). Such tools include search engine optimization, customer relationship management, suggestions and feedback and analysis reports, among others. We also have our own logistics system called Dinasou Express.

At the moment, we have two warehouse locations in KL and the Klang Valley. In the future, we aim to open 20 more warehouse locations across Malaysia within one year.

Purpose – Dinasou not only helps merchants sell their products online with the use of marketing tools, known as “Dinasou Super Console” (DSC). We also make it convenient for offline customers to go online and buy merchants’ products.

Our Mission is to make it easy for merchants to do their businesses.

Vision – We aim to provide high results for merchants by increasing their sales, at the same time offer low cost for services. Slogan – Industry can be done traditionally, but business cannot be done traditionally.

Basic membership for Merchants is free, but they must pay a premiun to access the marketing tools that offers. This includes Digital Marketing, Branding, Warehouse Management System, Statistics Analysis System and Cloud System (coming soon), among others. Merchants must comply with the procedures of accessing these systems. will not be held liable, if for some unforeseen reason, Merchants are unable to access these marketing tools after paying a premium for them, unless it is a technical issue on's part.

After registration, Merchants on their part will post their Product on's website. Merchants will not be charged for selling their goods on's website, but they will have to pay a handling fee & packing fee, among others, for the delivery of their goods under Fulfilment by Dinasou. Packaging of Products will be handled by In terms of logistics, so far has made arrangements with Ta-Q-Bin as the service provider.

Products that Customers purchase from i.e grocery items must be paid on delivery. Customers have the option of paying by cash, credit/debit card or Touch 'N' Go. Products that Customers purchase from Merchants will be made via a Online Payment Gateway. has partnered with MOLPay for this purpose.

Price Protection aims to provide price protection to the Customer as part of its mission to provide an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience at the online shopping mart. Price protection means that the Customer will be refunded the price difference within 14 days if the Customer finds the price of the item to be lower at a different time. For example, if the Customer purchases item A at RM 6.99 inclusive of GST at and finds the same item being sold for RM 5.99 at within 14 days, will pay the difference in the form of store credit, or "Dinasou Egg".